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Salam Alikom

Ramadan Mubark, May Allah swt accept our deeds and guide us to him. The following is an addition and clarification of the previously announced programs

1) There will be Iftar daily with Maghreb prayer. For dinner schedule please check the dinner schedule on the door.

2) Sheikh Mahmoud Abdeltawab will be leading the Taraweh prayer daily at ICEP.

3) The sheikh will be holding a qur...an halqua every day after Fajr, and on Thursday 630 pm.

4) The sheikh will give a class every Sunday and Wednesday at 6 30 pm. Classes will be in Arabic

5) The sheikh will have office hour from 0630 pm till Maghreb on Fridays and Saturdays for community members who are interested in private consultation with the sheikh

6) Class with brother Yahia will continue on Saturdays 630 pm

7) There will be a competition for kids after Isha everyday. Documents for kids to prepare will be uploaded to the ICEP page and group.

8) Taraweh Khatira(talk) will be given by local brothers from the community after the 4th rac'a of tarweh. The speakers are encouraged to give a talk related to the verses being recited so we can all learn about the sura being recited and connect better with the quran. The talk is planned to be less than 10 minutes.

9) Taraweh prayer is planned to be done before 11 15 pm

10) we will announce daily on the face book group the verse where we stopped so we can all be following the recitation and the talks given about the meanings.

May Allah Accept our deeds