• The moon was not sighted tonight. So Monday will be the first day of Ramadan en sha ALLAH. Taraweeh prayer will start Sunday night en sha ALLAH after isha prayer (9:20 PM).
  • ICEP will have dates/Milk/watermelon for iftar every day of Ramadan en sha ALLAH.
  • There will be 14 days that ICEP will have dinner at the masjid. The first night for dinner will be Friday 5/11. Please see the postings in the masjids for the nights in which dinner will be provided. NO dinner will be provided on Monday 5/6
  • PTA fund raising night will be Friday 5/11.
  • There will be Maqra each day of the week en sha ALLAH starting 6:00 PM and ending 15 minutes before Maghreb. Monday through Thursday will be for adults and Friday through Sunday will be for kids. Please attend even if you are not able to read Arabic. Please bring your children during the weekends.
  • Tahjud will be in the last 10 nights en sha ALLAH. The timing will be posted later in the month en sha ALLAH

Tarawih Prayer

1st – 15th Ramadan: 9:20 PM

16th – 30th Ramadan: 9:30 PM

Dinner Calendar

Dinner will be provider every Friday and Saturday from 1st to 20th Ramadan and every day for last 10 days of Ramadan