Taraweeh every night: 4 rakaas, followed by a short reminder & daily competition question by Shaykh Ihsān, followed by 4 rakaas & witr.

-Men & Women (separate) 24+: Surah Anfāl (8th chapter of the Quran)
-Youth (boys & girls) 14-23: Surah Al-Wāqi’a (56th chapter)
-Youth (boys & girls) 7-13: Surah Al-Mulk (67th chapter)

Competition date will be the 23rd & 24th of Ramadan, & the awards ceremony will be on the 27th night of Ramadan.

Questions will be asked every night after 4 rakaas of taraweeh, with prizes given out every night.

-10 minute reminder after Fajr every morning
-The following classes will be starting one hour before Maghrib each evening:
-Quran recitation class:
    Brothers Saturday
    Sisters Sunday
-Brothers class Monday (open to all)
-Sisters class Tuesday
-Youth boys class Wednesday
-Youth girls class Thursday
-New Muslim class & open Q&A for converts Friday